MOGI MOUSSE Skincare and WASH&FUNK Apparel

The brands created by the Brooklyn Funk Factory.


Gisela Alvarez, MOGI MOUSSE®'s sole creator, has developed this exceptional new unisex skincare line out of simple necessity and as an answer to her life long search for products that would not only address her issues of extremely dry and maturing skin, but also her desire to only use all-natural, organic, raw, vegan, and cruelty-free products. 

MOGI MOUSSE® products are for her, him, babies, and individuals, who have been left feeling frustrated and disappointed with the lack of results from overpriced and chemically filled skin care products. This skin care line was established in 2015 in Brooklyn New York US. We support PETA "People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals" and we are a member of their "Beauty Without Bunnies" campaign. You can find us in PETA's cruelty-free shopping guide. Click here.





WASH&FUNK® is the premiere active wear clothing line for Brooklyn Funk Factory LLC. While featuring its original line of unique T-shirts, WASH&FUNK® apparel also makes sarongs, pants, scarves, sweaters, and other accessories, all smart designs by owner Gisela Alvarez.

All of the pieces are handmade from high quality cotton fabrics that are long lasting, comfortable, and support an active lifestyle. The apparel is "funky" yet "chic" with a design concept to easily mix-and-match the entire collection. WASH&FUNK® is a lifestyle statement through fashion. This collection is currently in development!